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  • Wholesaler and distributor of laptop computer batteries, Dell laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries,HP laptop batteries, Acer laptop batteries, Sony laptop batteries, Dewalt power tools batteries, Makita power tools batteries,Bosch power tools batteries. All batteries and laptop ac adapters are Brand New, Manufacturer Warranty and Factory-direct price!
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    only GBP £ 39.64 have the largest range of Dell Laptop Batteries and Toshiba Laptop Batteries in UK. Carry HP Laptop Batteries, Compaq Laptop Batteries and Dell Laptop AC Adaptersfor over 20,000 different laptops. All our laptop batteries and Laptop ac adapters are Brand New, Manufacturer Warranty and Customer Service Commitment!

    Are you looking for a laptop battery or laptop battery charger

    Well, you've come to the right place. Here is your quality laptop battery supplier for rechargeable li-ion laptop batteries. We carry laptop batteries for many popular notebooks. Find the right battery for your laptop or notebook whether you're looking for a Dell notebook battery, Toshiba notebook battery, HP notebook battery, Compaq notebook battery, IBM notebook batteryor a laptop battery for a Sony, Apple, Asus and many more. We also has laptop power adapters for most major laptop brands.

    We don't just offer the typical cheap laptop batteries that you may find from other e-retailers, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the most cost effective solution towards laptop battery replacement without sacrificing quality. All our laptop batteries and AC adapters will meet or exceed OEM specifications. Every laptop battery that is available on our website is also guaranteed to look, fit, and perform just like your original laptop battery (and usually better). The only real difference is the price. You don't have to pay a ridiculously high price just for a laptop battery. We produce over 95% of the laptop computer batteries and laptop adapters. There's also no middle man for us to pay. Lower cost for us translates into lower prices for you.

    We welcome you to compare our laptop battery and laptop charger prices and warranty to those of some of our competitors. Don't just settle for cheap laptop batteries. Buy a quality laptop battery or Dell Vouchers at a great price from a reliable laptop battery supplier. When you purchase your laptop battery or laptop charger from, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best value and service for your money. Start searching now for the replacement HP laptop battery, Dell laptop battery, Compaq laptop battery, Acer battery you need. We also have batteries for brands like Gateway, Toshiba, Sony and more.

    Laptop battery wiki

    * Please check your original Laptop battery's part number, Laptop battery model number with our postings and picture before the purchase to make sure you get the correct battery.

    * Fully charge this new laptop battery pack before use. New laptop battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can be conditioned to full capacity.

    * For longer this battery life, turn down the LCD brightness of your laptop.

    * Rechargeable laptop battery undergoes self-discharging when left unused. So your should store the laptop battery pack in a fully charged stage.

    * Fully drain and fully recharge this laptop battery pack every few months.

    * Don't short circuit the terminals or store laptop battery pack with metal parts.

    * Proper Laptop Battery Care

    The battery should be re-installed every 3-4 weeks and allowed to fully discharge. Leaving a battery in storage for longer than this without using could cause the laptop batteries to fully discharge as the circuitry of the battery itself consumes power.

    Laptop battery charger usage instructions
    1. Place the battery in the right direction and make sure that the battery is tightly fit into the battery charger and the metal points.
    2. Connect the adaptor with the Laptop battery pack charger and power supply.
    3. The indicator shows red? when the battery is charging and it will show green? when the battery is fully charged.
    4. Unplug the adaptor carefully before taking out the battery.

    Low Prices, Guarantee

    All laptop batteries at are all directly purchased from various reputable manufacturers in the world and have passed stringent quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards. Through this direct selling model, middleman cost is minimized.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our goal is to make sure you receive the best value of every purchase you make at our site. We want to be your number one choice for Laptop Battery. If you have any question or suggestion about this laptop battery, please contact us so we can offer you the most convenient service.

    Every laptop battery purchase is backed by our 30-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Replacement Warranty. Only the best laptop batteries at the best prices. Guaranteed!

    Quality Laptop Battery --> Laptop Battery Care Tips

    Dell Laptop Battery Advantages | How to Maximize Battery Life of Your Windows Laptop

    Friday, Nov 25, 2011 by laptop batteries shop
    HP elitebook 8530w batteryAll rechargeable laptop batteries naturally fade out after prolonged use. With accumulated wear and continued use, the battery’s performance will inevitably suffer. In most cases, this efficiency reduction happens gradually most typically in the course of seventeen months. Power users and computer gamers might even expect their batteries to degrade after only eleven months of use. However, unlike nickel-metal and other commercial batteries, Dell laptop batteries are in a league of their own.

    Buy notebook and laptop battery guideline | Saving Android Battery Life Top 10 Tips

    Wednesday, July 06, 2011 by laptop battery shop | The Gift of Battery Life: Longest-Running Laptops for Holiday
    HP pavilion dv6 batteryWe’d stake money on the fact that if you’re in the market for a new computer, it is most likely to be a laptop or tablet. Portable computers (of all types) comprise a significant percentage of total PC sales. Problem is with such a huge amount of choice out there anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with the market will be left confused, which is why we’re going to try to clear things up with this blog post on some tips for buying extended life laptop battery and tablets.
    Wednesday, Jan 18, 2012 by laptop battery shop | Extended battery life for laptops | Tough Times for US EV Battery Makers
    Dell vostro 1720 BatteryOne of the biggest problems with renewable energy, including solar panels and wind turbines, is the storage of electricity. For it is not necessarily when the sun shines the most - typically during the day - and therefore the greatest amount of electricity is generated that has the greatest need. Quite the night when all the lights and street lights are on and the heaters are switched on.

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